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Company introduction

[Zhaohu Precision Health Co., Ltd.] was established in August 2020. Under the purpose of "cross-field resource integration" and "helping others", it provides customers with the best "precision medical quality" and "precision health" Intelligent services", hoping to achieve the company's goal of "sustainable management".


Based on the team’s years of deep exploration and observation of the health industry, we understand that in the field of preventive medicine (sub-health), there are huge potential business opportunities and a demand market that urgently needs to be developed and served... And the improvement and enhancement of [sleep service quality] is where we enter The direction of the new market; we have integrated industrial, government, academic and research resources from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and the international market to establish our core business model - "Six Treatments and One Care", using professional and complete high-tech, combined with physiological light, electroencephalograph, Heart Rhythm Master, smart mattresses, negative oxygen ion equipment, five-tone aromatherapy and dietary therapy, etc., have developed solutions to the application needs of the new generation of medical care for the heartbeat, and combined with visual APP, produce complete analysis data and graphics, and do a good job Sleep quality management and suggestions.


Care and mutual education

We combine professional teachers to provide art, music and mind-body and soul-related therapeutic courses, experiential activities, lectures and peripheral products and services.

Management team


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