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Care and Mutual Therapy Course

Sleep is a key element in maintaining physical and mental health and improving quality of life. Do you often feel tired? Mood swings or lack of concentration?

Are you struggling with insomnia, drowsiness, or other sleep issues?    Through treatment and learning, you can have better sleep quality and a healthier life...

We customize professional "mutual care and therapy courses" for you, through: music therapy, art therapy, physical and mental therapy, etc.

Help you achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance and regain the joy and vitality of life.

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Singing Bowl Breathing Guide Course

Wash away the lead with the sound of the singing bowl
Infuse inner stability


Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop

Human beings are born with the ability to "express" through spontaneous communication and self-understanding. Achieve stress relief, decompression, sleep, and self-exploration effects.


Mind intelligence, just one click

By simplifying the complex and providing explanations in simple terms, it helps patients quickly improve their self-awareness and guides them to different thinking patterns and understandings.


spiritual restructuring

Through program adjustment of emotional energy, we clean and release blocked soul programs, transform conscious and subconscious beliefs, and promote growth and breakthrough of blind spots in life.

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