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​Five Elements Intelligent Sleep Experience Center


Through the "Six Treatments and One Care" patented business model, the sympathetic nervous system / parasympathetic nervous system can be balanced

Get a good deep sleep and relieve stress easily. ​


Five elements sleep therapy

Through customized five-element therapy, you can better understand your body’s current condition and how to get a good night’s sleep.

​Five Elements of China

Enhances spirit, detoxifies, improves hematopoietic function, strengthens immune function, and relaxes muscles and bones.

Enhance willpower, promote the digestive system, and burn fat. It has the effect of improving the balance of the stomach and spleen.

Enhance intelligence, improve the reproductive system, promote breast development, and improve the balance of the bladder and kidneys.

Stabilizes mood, enhances memory, improves the autonomic nervous system, and improves the balance function of the small intestine and heart.

Increase decisiveness, improve and strengthen the respiratory system, enhance lung function, and stabilize mood.

Embark on a sleep journey with us

Use the most natural and healthy way to calm your mood, release stress and help you sleep.

Five Elements Intelligent Sleep
Experience Hall

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